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OEM - Retail Software

Komponenta Cijena (kn)
MS Office Basic 2007 Cro., OEM (bez CDa)1767,78
MS Office SBE 2007 Eng., OEM (bez CDa)2316,78
MS Office PRO 2007 Eng., OEM (bez CDa)2926,78
MS Vista Home Premium 32bit Eng.1096,78
MS Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit Eng. DVD1830,00
MS Windows Vista Business 32bit Eng. DVD1366,40
MS Windows XP Pro SP2b Eng. CroLIP, OEM1377,38
MS Windows XP Home, Eng. CD, SP2, OEM864,98
F-Secure Internet Security 2007 License with 1 year Support and Maintenance 1-3 users, International518,67
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